For enrolling yourself as a KUAA Alumni and attend the colorful ceremony “KUAA Reunion 2015” on 25 December 2015 at KU campus, please register yourself into the web:

If you have already registered yourself, then do the following to join the reunion.

Reunion Joining Process:

  • Please click on the link Reunion placed at the upper right side of the page.
  • You will see the page having a graph and some links like; Reunion, Outline, Members, Committee, Batch Representatives and Join” at the left side of the page.
  • Please click the link “Join“ and you will find the page where some information you need to input like; number of guests, children you may want to accompany with you at the Reunion. Join Reunion
  • Fill up the items like number of guests, children etc. If you don’t have any guest or children, then keep the number as “0”.
  • After filling the information, click “next” button placed just below the cells.
  • Next information you need to fill about the size of the T-Shirt, please select one from “large, medium and small” by clicking on the cell and then press “Update” button. Join Reunion
  • After clicking “Update” button, following texts will appear to you: Join Reunion Your Account for Reunion 2015 Your registration for the Reunion 2015 will not be approved until you pay all the fees.   The reunion data has been updated. Please adjust your account and get the approval.
  • Above text represents that your registration has been completed but not approved until you complete the payment procedure.
  • If you want to modify your reunion data, click “Reunion“ from top menu and “Join“ from left menu. Change your data, then click “Next“ button. Then choose the size of the t-shirt and finally click “Update“ button.
  • Registration fee for reunion 2015:
    1. Batch 91-99: BDT 2000.00
    2. Batch 00-05: BDT 1500.00
    3. Batch 06-11: BDT 1000.00
    4. Each spouse or guest: BDT 1000.00
    5. Each child aged over 10: BDT 500.00
    6. Children aged 10 or below are free.
    Check here for payment details.

  • You will receive confirmation email from Usually you will get the confirmation email within hour, but in some unavoidable circumstances it may take couple of days. If you will not received confirmation email within 3 days, please contact to your Batch Representative (BR)/Discipline Coordinator (DC) or directly to any one of the members of the Organizing Committee.
  • For completion of payment procedures please press on the text “Pay the fees” just below the calculation.